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Wedding Events Management

As per the saying, Wedding is just not the union of two people but two families, and the first step to this union is the Wedding Event in itself. Every to be couple or their families want to ensure that the Wedding Event being planned is perfect in all aspects of an Event. It should be as grand as it can be, Best Venue for Wedding, Best Food and Beverages, Best Sound and Lightning and Best of Audio and Photography services are applied. But that is a lot of work for few people of the family. SO, WHO WILL DO Wedding Planning? Well, a very simple answer to this question. WEDDING PLANNER! Yes, you read that right, your one stop shops for all your Wedding Planning Needs.

Except for whom to invite, we help you from the very beginning of Choosing the BEST INVITATIONS CARDS to what kind of gifts you plan to handover to your guests for attending. A Wedding Planning or Wedding Management Company can help you make decisions as per the latest trends in market. So how do they help you? There is simple checklist, which is provided below, that helps us, Wedding Planners, to organize the Best Wedding Event that you have envisioned.

A step-by-step guide to Wedding Planning is as following.

  • Best Budget for the Wedding.
  • Theme for the Weddings.
  • Designing Invitation Cards for the Wedding
  • Location for the Wedding
  • Entertainment for Wedding
  • Photography for Wedding
  • Videographer for Wedding
  • Décor for the Wedding
  • Food & Beverages / Caterer for Wedding
  • Gifts for Guests (If required)

Types Of Wedding Events

Weddings have come a long way from being organized in the house to Big Fat Destination or overseas weddings. These different kinds of wedding events need different approaches to them all together. Some can be related to the cultural or Religions aspect, while some can be themed to be related to your favorite Fantasy Movie. But then again, ITS YOUR BIG DAY, and it should be planned and organized the way you have envisioned it to be. World Events Management has been accustomed to ensuring that your big day is all about you.

Here are some of the Types of the Wedding Events.

  • Destination Wedding
  • Indian Weddings
  • Celebrity Wedding
  • Big Fat Weddings
  • Cruise Weddings
  • Beach Weddings
  • Themed Weddings
  • Traditional Weddings
  • Budgeted Weddings

Services Wems Provide

So, by now you must have an idea of what kind of wedding you must be looking for. Now What’s next? The answer is BEST WEDDING ORGANIZING COMPANY IN UAE. World Events Management will take over all the hassles of planning and executing wedding from you. Trust us, we know how to ensure that on this BIG DAY you are just shining in that beautiful gown of yours. Here are few of the Wedding Events Services that we can arrange for you apart from the basic events surrounding your BIG DAY that you must have already seen in detail in Wedding Type you liked above.

- Wedding Planning

The initial stage of any wedding is planning. WEMS as UAE's BEST WEDDING PLANNER, has always put the effort to understand what our client is looking for in their Event. Since it will be the BIG DAY for you, we ensure that every small detail of the event is according to your liking. We bring together both bride and groom and their immediate families and try to work out the concept or Theme of the Wedding according to their personalities, their believes and their interests.

Hence, our planning stage ensure that every small detail of the event is captured and worked on with both the sides and is personalized to their lifestyles and choices.

- Venue Management For Wedding

Whether it’s a private Wedding Event or one with long guest list, we understand that every Wedding Event needs a different kind of location for Wedding Event. Being a TOP WEDDING PLANNER IN DUBAI, we provide plenitude of options to our clients for their Wedding Events. Our Design team in the very initial stage ensures to do site visits with you and give you a general idea of how each WEDDING VENUE can be transformed into what you have always thought for your wedding day.

- Entertainment Management For Wedding

Which Wedding is complete without the entertainment? It plays an important role in creating that fun and blast ambience for the whole event. As BEST WEDDING PLANNERS IN DUBAI, we have all the necessary credentials for providing you with the BEST WEDDING ENTERTAINMENTS for your Wedding Events.

WORLD EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY's Entertainer's catalog is rich with all kinds of resources you need for the perfect Entertainment for your wedding. Famous Western and Eastern Singers for live music shows, Performers, DJs, Belly Dancers, LED Dancers, and Live Fire Show Performers are some of the entertainers who can set the whole crowd on fire, "NOT LITERALLY OBVIOUSLY". We can assist you in ensuring that your WEDDING ENTERTAINMENT creates inspiration for many amongst your guests.

- Hospitality & Logistics

The initial touchpoint of any Event planned is the Hospitality and Logistics for the EVENT. Since WORLD EVENTS MANAGEMENT has always kept your family and guests as VIPs for us. We believe that from the very first step at the arrivals, we must ensure that their stay and logistics are top of the line making it smooth and comfortable for them. These two aspects in a smooth manner can provide BEST WEDDING EVENT PLANNERS, the initial success in our endeavor for your wedding Event.

Our Dedicated Team for Events has extensive experience in receiving these VIPs for Wedding Events from the airport and then escort them to the pre-arranged accommodations. We work with the hotel staff or in case its private residence provided, our own staff ensures that they are in the best of environment with all the necessary amenities for comfortable stay. We have all mode of Transportation for Wedding Events, Road, Air, and sea, available with us for their transfers from airport to the destination. We have complete fleet of cars which can help the guest move from and back to the accommodation area from WEDDING VENUE without any hassle. Our Professional Chauffeurs Team ensure that every guest allocated to them have their contact information, so they don’t have to move around for them and are trained to provide them with the best of services.

One more aspect of BEST WEDDING EVENT PLANNER is to ensure the BEST HOSPITALITY FOR THE WEDDINGS. Being in the industry for long time has given us many partnering vendors who help us provide your VIP GUEST FOR THE WEDDING a comfortable stay that they can't forget for a lifetime. From STAR HOTELS FOR WEDDINGs to PRIVATE RESIDENCES FOR WEDDING EVENTS, we have locations and staff ensuring the smooth stay of your guests with all the catering needs. Our expertise in these two fields are standalone points for us to have your faith in us for ORGANIZING BEST WEDDING EVENT.

- Execution & Coordination

Being the BEST OF WEDDING EVENTS PLANNING COMPANY IN DUBAI, we are proud of our accomplishments in ensuring that our clients have hand off the whole event and we help them just simply enjoy their Wedding Event to their hearts fill. This is also the reason our clients have loved WORLD EVENTS MANAGEMENT being the Best Events Planners in Dubai. We don’t want the couple and their families to be drained and tired on the wedding day just because they had a lot on their hands organizing the events.

Our Motto is simple, Your thoughts, Our Actions. So, we make our clients just sit back and relax while we put the professionals to the task of arranging all the events you have dreamed of just the way you liked them to be. Our immaculate planning and Proper workflow directed execution ensures that all the components and Wedding vendors for the wedding are properly coordinating and bring the pieces of puzzles together for the Wedding Event.