Whether it’s a Corporate Event, A musical or a Wedding Event, each needs to send a message across to its audience. For this message to be sent perfectly clear and crisp, World Events Management provides you with the Best Audio and Video Equipment and Services. A product launch, an outdoor Event, or a musical Show, we can provide with the latest and highest quality equipment for all your A/V needs. Even if it’s a Live Event, up to the notch equipment’s can meet all your needs. Our dedicated experts for Audio and Video Services have been thoroughly trained to ensure that every event’s A/V needs are met with utmost precision.

Being the Best Events Management Company in UAE, we understand the needs of A/V in any events and work to provide the highest quality assistance, advice, and support in the same regard. Some of the equipment we use for different events are as following.

Audio & Video Services For Events

Audio Control & Accessories for Events

  • Analog Audio Mixers
  • Analog Audio Snakes
  • Digital Audio Mixers
  • Digital Audio Snakes
  • Direct Injection Box
  • Laptop Sound Ports

Speakers & Monitors for Events

  • 10″ Active Speakers
  • 12″ Active Speakers
  • 15″ Active Speakers
  • Active 12″ Line Array Speakers
  • Active 18″ Sub Speakers
  • Backline Amps
  • In Ear Monitors

Microphones for Events

  • Audio Technical ATM27HE
  • Audio Technical Drum Kit Microphone Set
  • Shure PG48
  • Shure SM57
  • Shure SM58
  • Shure SM11-CN Instrument Microphone

Graphic Equalizer for Events

  • BSS FCS 966 Graphic Equalizer
  • Klark Teknik DN360 Graphic Equalizer
  • Klark Teknik DN370 Graphic Equalizer
  • Klark Teknik SQ1 Graphic Equalizer

Speaker Processor for Events

  • DBX 480 Loudspeaker Management
  • DBX Driverack 260 Loudspeaker Management
  • DBX Driverack PA+ Loudspeaker Management
  • EV DX38 Digital Soundsystem Processor
  • Meyer Galileo 616 Speaker Management System
  • XTA DP226 Processor
  • APG Speaker Processor
  • Meyer LD3 Compensating Line Driver
  • Meyer MPS-488s

Amplifier For Events

  • Crown Macrotech 2402 Amps
  • Crown Macrotech 3600VZ Amps
  • Crown Macrotech 5002VZ Amps
  • Crown XTi 1000 Amp
  • Crown XTi 2000 Amp
  • Crown XTi 4000 Amp

These are list of few equipment that we have in our warehouse ready to put charm in your Event. We have our own Checklist for ensuring that your Event’s Audio and Video Needs are met accordingly. The checklist is.

  • During planning phase, comprehensive list of all Audio Video needs.
  • Finalize the types of Screens needs for the events.
  • Finalize all the audio needs of the events.
  • Finalize all the mixers needed for Audio and Video needs.
  • Ensure all the equipment is up to the notch and in working conditions.
  • Ensure all the equipment is sent to the location well before time for assembly.

World Events Management will be happy to assist you with all your needs for the audio and video services for Events. You can fill the form below or text us on the number, our customer care will be happy to assist you with providing you solutions for all your Events’ needs.