Being one of the party hubs of the world, Dubai has its own fair share of Musial Events, Concerts and Festivals. World Events Management Company also has thorough experience in Organizing Concerts, Organizing Festival Events or Planning a Musical Event and can be called as Leader in Live Musical Event Management. Our dedicated team of experts ensures that they provide full service innovatively & professionally starting from the very beginning part of the Event Management i.e. planning a Musical Event. We plan each event meticulously and help to organize a phenomenal Musical Event to our clients.

Below are few of the steps from our planning and organizing of Event;

  • Prepare Budget
  • Invite the Artist
  • Prepare Marketing Plan
  • Prepare Ticket Selling Strategy (Incase Open Event)
  • Prepare Theme
  • Prepare Venue
  • Prepare Seating Arrangements
  • Prepare Lightning
  • Prepare Audio & Video
  • Prepare F & B
Musical Event

Sticking to these factors for our events, each of the below are some of the services, that are part of the process, which helps us help our clients plan and organize an event that has a unique taste to itself. It is different from routine, our use of technology, bringing together all the best of products and artists to ensure that the event performed has his vibes sent through the town and remains vivid in participant’s memories. Our Expertise lies in the following services for the Events.

Strategic Planning For The Event

Strategic Planning for Event encompasses every miniscule detail about the Musical Event that can be thought of. It includes multi-pronged approaches for providing Best services for Events in low cost. In this we help you, with the Permissions from DTCM for Event, planning the Design for the Event, Location for Musical Event and Artist Management for Event. This also includes the lightning and audio/video services for Events along with seating arrangements.

Artist Management For Musical Event

One of the most promising service promised to our clients is Artist Management for Events. No Musical Event or a festival Activity can be complete without an artist to ensure participants engagement or making a SOLD OUT EVENT. We have been working with many Western and Eastern artists in UAE for a long time. We have hosted events with all the famous Indian Musical Artist and Pakistani Musical Artist. We have also hosted closed concerts with Western Artists. This has given us extensive knowledge on their Travel, Boarding & Lodging as well as remunerations. We have helped many of our clients to arrange Parties especially Bachelor Parties on Yacht and other places with many western and eastern artists.

Online & Offline Marketing Campaigns

For a Public Musical Event or a Festival Activities, it is important to market it plan and execute Marketing campaigns for the Events. They are paramount for the success. We have dedicated and experts in our team who can help you not only Design and run marketing campaign online but for offline marketing and advertisements, we have our own partners, who are BEST PRINTING Agency in UAE.

– Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing for Events has been one of our strong suits. We have dedicated team who can help you design and implement complete Online marketing for Event. With the use of latest technological innovation in term of designing, we help our clients to make the best adverts for their events. Our Social Media Team for Events, then helps you to circulate that ADVERTS FOR EVENTS and CONTENT FOR EVENTS on all social media websites and applications. We have many INFLUENCERS FOR EVENTS PROMOTIONS who also help us mention and Market the Events on their pages for social outreach.

The Digital Marketing will also include the Local Radio and TV campaigns as well as short Videos for YouTube Adverts. We have certified team who can help you create animations or live ads for your event that are under the guidelines of YouTube.

– Off Line Marketing

Our past experiences with the Musical Events, Concerts and Festival Activities has provided us with the experience that can help us to make your Event successful by disseminating the information to the public through proper and wide spread channels. Our Design Team for Marketing, helps the clients in designing the perfect billboards, Posters, Panaflex and banners. We have DED certified AD agencies on our B2B Partners panel. These partners help play an important role in PROMOTING EVENT in UAE at lowest costs.

Department Of Tourism And Commerce Marketing (DTCM)

Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing or commonly known as DTCM is authoritative body for issuing all kinds of Permits for Events. We have been working with them from the very inception of Worlds Events Management Company and helping our clients with acquire many different kind of Permits. We can help you acquire any permit for Event that you require for the smooth execution of your activity. You can check DTCM under “Services” for all the steps for DTCM permits and permissions.

Online & Offline Ticket

– Online Tickets

World Events Management Company is one of the pioneers in establishing their own Online Tickets Selling Platform. Our online portal “” is one of the main online tickets Seller in UAE. We have worked with different cricket boards, different artist agencies and many other colleagues from the Event Management industry. We can help our clients have peace of mind while we work for them to SELL TICKETS ONLINE.

– Offline Sales

We can help you increase your sales through offline channels such as making booths in mall, partnering with different stores such as Virgin Mega Store and others where your expected participants can purchase the tickets. We have partnered with these offline channels before and have strong reputation with them. Selling Tickets offline can open up more sources of Advertisements for Events as well.

Promoters For Events, Host For Events

Every Event needs staff in front house for many different roles to successfully accomplish the goals. World Events Management Company can provide you with Excellent Staff for Event. We have Well Trained staff for Events who are Bi lingual Staff for Events, Well Versed Staff with Events and able to work spontaneously under any problems. Below are the list of staff for Events that we can provide you to ensure that all your events are in excellent hands from beginning to end.

  • Valet Parking Staff for Events
  • Waiters For Events
  • Waitresses For Events
  • Host For Events
  • Hostesses For Events
  • Models For Events

For Entertainment’s Needs, We have separate category of Entertainers for Events. These Entertainers for Events are BEST ENTERTAINERS IN UAE and make sure that your Event is the BEST EVENT IN UAE.

  • Musicians For Events
  • Live Band For Events
  • Dancers For Events
  • DJ For Events
  • Arabic Entertainers For Events
  • Kids Entertainers For Events
  • Circus Act For Events
  • Magicians For Events

Apart from these, we also have innovative designs for Events, to theme your event with the Latest Lightning Systems for Events, Latest Sound Systems for Events, Latest Photography and Videography Equipment for Events and many other.

We can answer all your queries and help you to Plan and Organize Musical Events in UAE. You can leave your contact details in the form below and we will reach out to you as a ONE STOP FOR ALL EVENTS NEEDS.