World Events Management Company has been Organizing Corporate Events for many of our prestigious Clients. Since Corporate Events can be in many different forms, below are few of the Examples that WORLD EVENTS MANAGEMENT COMPANY has undertaken.

Every business needs exposure to ensure promotion of its products or services. This exposure can be in many forms but the most important is Corporate Events. Through these corporate events, business tend to open new venues of income generation via partnerships or simple offering their products or services to their end consumers.

Corporate Event

Meetings, Conferences And Exhibitions

Every company or organization needs to have many different Meeting Events with either their consumers, their customers or their suppliers. For this they need to constantly organize different Meetings, Conferences and Exhibitions. World Events Management has extensive experience to help you plan and Organize Corporate Events. Starting from initial planning draft to ensuring that our clients are getting the Best Suppliers for Events and Best Vendors for Events with best of the prices, we ensure that you only must concentrate on meeting your audience.

We have widespread Options for Corporate Events that can help you in Organizing Perfect Event. We have worked with different layouts for corporate meetings and conferences e.g., Round Table Meeting Arrangement or Horse-shoe Meeting Arrangements or Oval Shaped Seating Arrangement. We have one of the Best Sound Systems for Events and Latest Lightening for Events available, which can boost the Ambience of Events positively. We also have many known and best catering providers in our list of vendors which, if needed, can provide Best Cuisine for your events.

We have also planned and Organized many Exhibitions for our clients, which were different in scales as per their needs. We have worked in EXPO 2020 for some of our clients. We have extensive experience in providing assistance to our clients in DUBAI AIR SHOW and many different other exhibitions. Our Expert team can help you from very beginning of Planning an Exhibition till the hand over so you can concentrate on your networking with your target audience.

Brand Launches

Well, every new brand is a baby of the parent company. It is unique and addresses the certain needs of its target consumers. When a company or organization wants to launch its newly developed brand, what they are doing is introducing a new image of their company and communicating to their consumers/customers how their products is best for their needs. For Brand Launching, the company must make sure that every one that includes their own employees, their partners or shareholders and their customers know the new brand being launched. World Events Management has assisted few organizations in Organizing different Brand Launches. Two of the major experiences that we have in Brand Launches are as below, which helped the companies have the perfect first impressions.

  • Soft Brand Launch
  • Full Scale Brand Launch

For each of these kinds of Brand Launching Ceremonies, we, at WORLD EVENTS MANAGEMENT have provided different companies with different services which are.

– Venue For Brand Launch

World Events Management Company is one of the forefront EVENTS MANAGEMENT COMPANIES in UAE. We have all kinds of Venues for Events on our partner list that can accommodate from small Business Lunches to full scale Public Event. We help our clients with these Venues for Events according to the size of their events. With this, our clients don’t have to do any Scouting for Events themselves and they get the Best Location for Events according to their needs.

– Perfect Theme For Brand Launch

For Product or Brand Launching Event, it is very important to have the Theme for Brand Launch that corresponds to your Brand. Our Expert Designers for Brand Launch, help our clients in preparing the PERFECT THEME for BRAND LAUNCHING. We have hundreds of choices in themes with us in our catalogs and we can enhance and innovate New Themes for Events according to the clients’ needs.

– Photo & Videography For Brand Launch

Photography and Videography for Events are one of the essentials for any event organized. They help you later to promote your brand via different electronic and social networks. World Events Management Company not only has in-house Experts for photography and videography but many well-known branded Photography and videography service providers who work with us to provide and capture Best Photo Shots for your brand launch. Some of these shots that we can demonstrate for your brand are;

  • Product demonstrations
  • Behind-the-scenes videos
  • Sneak Peek Videos
– Lightning For Brand Launch

One of the important tools for creating Ambience in the Event Venue is Lightning for Branch Launch Event. It is a powerful tool that can support your product launch through creating different environment at different times with different kinds of lightning. We have String Lights For Events, Creative Light fixtures For Events, Candles, Chandeliers and many different kinds of LED in our stock. We use lightning to ensure that the Brands displayed draws the utmost attention of the audience.

Our Lightning Experts ensure that there is no glare on displays and photo walls and all the electronic displays are working in mint condition before handing over the Brand Launching Ceremony to our client.

– Décor for Brand Launching

A very important part of any Event especially the Brand Launching Event is Decor of the Brand Launch Venue. In the planning stage with our clients, we ensure that the decor for the brand launching event is planned in a technique which provides the best view towards the products and there are not many distractions. We try to ensure that any Decor we create cohesively supports your Launch Ceremony theme and audience can watch every small detail about the product being launched. There are certain elements that we at WORLD EVENTS MANAGEMENT COMPANY emphasis on, when we plan the BRAND Launching EVENT, contributing majorly to enhance the experience of the participants. These elements are as following;

  • Podium For Events
  • Furniture For Events
  • Table Décor for Events
  • Stage For Events
  • Backdrops For Events
  • Floral Decoration for Events (if required)
  • Promoters For Events

World Events Management Company provides all these factors for successful event to all our clients and ensure that you can achieve the results you looking for without much hassle in organizing a Brand launching Event.

Team Building Events

Every organization needs to ensure that there is trust and harmony amongst their employees. For the same purpose many organizations plan different Team Building Events from time to time, which can encourage communication and collaboration while at the same time harmonize any prevailing conflicts. World Events Management Company provides out of box concepts for Team Building events which are not only unique but ensure that all your team members participating have joyful and memorable time. We have planned and organized TEAM BUILDING EVENTS from 50 employees till 500 employees in many Different Venues for Events. In these Team Building Events, we provide HOST FOR EVENT, Custom Fabrications, Props and Coordination of Event on every level to ensure smooth execution of activities.

We also have many outdoor Vendors for Team building Events on our panel like Paint Ball Shooting, Car Racing Circuit in Dubai and Al Ain, IMG Parks, Hotels and many more. These Vendors have helped us in organizing these Team Building Events with extravagant success and achieve the result our clients were looking for.

Gala Dinners

Our motto is “Your thoughts, Our Actions”. This has compelled us to ensure that we provide the Best of the Best Events you have conceptualized in your mind. Our dedicated team of Experts consisting of Best Events Designers, Best Events Fabricators, Best Lightning Engineers, Best Audio and Video Engineers and Best Events Coordinators ensure that your GALA Dinner or the Awards/Recognition Parties are remembered as Best Events in UAE. Let us give you a brief overview how we Plan GALA Dinner to be an Unforgettable Event which made us known to be as the BEST EVENTS MANAGEMENT COMPANY IN UAE.

– Planning

This is the part where we pick your brains to ensure that we can know every expectation you have from the GALA Dinner or Award Ceremony being organized. This step helps our team to ensure that your expected guests can get the Grand Gala Event they were expecting. We help you in Planning the Gala Event incase our designers have any innovative concepts for Gala Event that can help you or in case you missed some point which can make it more extravagant. In this step, we will also help you with finalizing the Venue for Gala Event, which serves perfect for your event, the Food Menu for Event, the Entertainment for Event and other things.

– Computer Aided Designing

Our experts then transform those plans into blueprints using Computer Aided Designs for Events. This will give you initial reference to how your event’s layout will look. From this onwards, our planning team will sit with you to finalize the plan and make any changes that you deem changing or are proposed by our team. This Design Layout for Event will give you a detail overview of how the Seating Arrangements for the Event will be, how the Lightning for Event will work, the placement of Sound System for Events and Visual LEDs or Screens for Events. This will also finalize in case of large gathering whether there will be a separate buffet area or in case of small gathering, how tables will be arranged for food.

– Venue For Event

Since our planning team and you have reached an agreement on the design layout, we will get the best Venue for your event. Since it has been finalized initially in the planning stage, we will coordinate with the Venue management (indoors or outdoors) and make an agreement with the Management. We then plan with the Venue Management for the Events to ensure that we are all on board for the setups.

– Fabrication

Once Venue for the Event is finalized, we start our EVENT Fabrications in our in-house fabrication Production house. We start creating CUSTOM Build STAGE (in case of indoors) or CUSTOM DESIGNED TENT or CUSTOM DESIGNED CANOPY (in case of outdoors). Our dedicated team of fabricators ensure that there is not a single inch missed to ensure that everything is perfectly placed. During this fabrication process, we also print the pre-approved Banners for Events or Branding Posters for Event. These printed materials can be wall sized Panaflex or small charts, all are printed to the highest standards.

During fabrication process, we also create the Backdrops for Events and other fabrics needed to ensure the full harmony of all elements and provide you with the unforgettable event that is remembered by all participants for a long time to come.

– Lightning

Another of the important tools for creating Ambience in the Venue is lightning. It is a powerful tool that can uplift your GALA Dinner or AWARD Functions through creating different environment at different times with different kinds of lightning. We have String Lights, Creative Light fixtures, Candles, Chandeliers and many kinds of LEDs in our stock.

Our Lightning Experts ensure that there is no glare on displays and photo walls and all the electronic displays are working in mint condition before handing over the EVENT to our client.

– Audio & Video Services

No Event either personal or corporate can achieve a desired result of WOW, if the quality of Audio and Visual aids placed in not perfect. This is the reason that World Event Management Company has world’s leading brands in our inventory for Sound and Visual aids. Our battle hard sound and visual engineers ensure that there is a perfect harmony between the sound and visual equipment along with the lightning. This create the night to remember.

– Food & Drinks

Food and Beverages for Events are also one of the core elements for an Event. The Menu for Food and Drinks in an Event should be very carefully thought on to ensure that they are in harmony with the overall ambience of the Event. We at Worlds Event Management, plan this step very thoughtfully and in coordination with the host to ensure that it makes our participants enjoy the food and drinks presented to them. These Menus are generally in direct correlation with the theme of the Event.

– Staffing

We have Best Promoters, Waitresses/Waiters for Events, Bilingual Models for Events and other human resource providing agencies on board. These partner B2B companies have highly trained staff from many different nationalities to cater to the needs of the Events. The staff is then again debriefed on the Event expectations and there required stations and work. In case these Gala or Award Events have Polls in them or live cooking or any other live activity proposed, these helping hands will be trained how to correspond to the situation and rehearsed again and again to perfection.

We also have our partner Valet Company for Events, which can also be included in case of outdoor events, to ensure that all the participants feel the grand entrance and remember the Event.

– Cultural Events

Man can never separate from his roots and culture and we tend to celebrate our culture with the same enthusiasm as we do any other event or occasion. Each cultural event highlights the enriched past of the country and showcase their outstanding achievements against it. WEMS team has been able to design and organize CULTURAL EVENTS with many of our partner organizations. We had been a one of the partners for different countries in EXPO 2020. We have organized Festivals, Entertainment Experiences and many more for our clients in different regions of UAE.