An experienced and reliable team paves way for the success of any event. As a BEST EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY of Dubai, we provide STAFFING SOLUTIONS for all Events whether Private or Public Events. Our large and varied pool of professional and trained staffing solutions are prepared to make any event an unforgettable one. In any kind of event, A Product Launch, A Private Event, A Public Event, or a Wedding Event, it is very necessary for the Staff managing the event to properly lead your guests and ensure that they are comfortable as they are led into the Event. World Events Management ensures that each of the Staff being hired or contracted is accessed on their educational and professional experiences and our staff completely accesses their personalities in terms of Event Management. We provide Staffing Solutions under two different categories, that are.

– Temporary Staff For Events

Temporary Staffing for any event refers to provide Staffing Solutions for a shorter period to fill in the required number of positions. These mainly are Waiters/Waitresses for Events, Promoters for Events, Valet Parking Personnel for Events, Security Attachments for Events, and others. World Events has a huge pool of the resources in terms of Temporary Staffing for Events. They are presentable, Bilingual, and professional in providing services to the clients in any role provided to them.

Staff Management

– Contract Staff For Events

Some of the Events are for a certain time like Expo 2020 or Air show Dubai and some Wedding Events that have certain staff requirements for a certain period of times. In these cases, World Events Management provides the staffing solutions to the organizers or our clients on Fixed Contract bases. We have a very basic and transparent Pricing range which not only ensures that our Contract Staff is happy and productive, but our clients don’t have any hassles in these regards. We have also been providing Contract Staffing Solutions to many MNCs and government bodies for their needs at many Events.

Though we have a huge pool of various professionals in our resource center, which can be provided to our clients on a short notice for their Event Needs, below are some of the staff categories that are more frequently asked for.

Event Ushers

Ushers are very important for any Event. They are the first touchpoints in any event who ensure that the guest is properly welcomed and walked through the venue to their designated seating area. World Event Management has had huge success with all its clients with EVENT USHERS. Our professional and highly trained Ushers ensure that your guests are welcomed warmly to the event and take them to their seating areas with due diligence. When hiring the staff for Usher’s positions, we thoroughly check their communication skills, their fitness level, and their conflict resolution skills. This has helped us in providing BEST EVENT USHERS in DUBAI for our clients.

Waiting Staff For Events

For any Event, waiting staff plays and important role. They are the ones who provide the food and beverages for the guests in orderly and respectful manner. These skilled and professional hospitality staff provide the BEST STAFFING SOLUTIONS FOR EVENTS. From Waiting staff to bar staff and mixologist for Events, World Events Management provides you with presentable, experience and friendly staff for any of your event needs. Our Bar staff, from mixologist to delivery staff ensures that all guests requests are met with, and they leave a deep impression of the guests. Under the Waiting staff for events, we can provide you with.

  • Waiters For Event
  • Waitresses For Events
  • Bartenders For Events

Velet Parking Staff For Events

Many of the occasions, in all plannings for events, we tend to forget one of the essential components for Guest Experience i.e., Parking Services. We leave that to the guests themselves to find a spot and park their cars themselves and entre the Venue. But We forget that the Guest Experience starts from the very initial stage when they receive the invitation and parking is the second impression they will have for your event. Valet Parking for Event can make a big difference in making any event a successful one in terms of Guest Experience. It adds a level of comfort for the Guest that a non-Valet event can’t provide. Providing Valet to your guest.

  • Ensure that they focus on your event rather than worrying if their car is safe
  • The Entrance doesn’t get jammed for everyone to take up parking.
  • You can help elderly park
  • Departures can be easily managed.

World Events Management has a dedicated uniformed and highly trained team for Valet Parking Services for Events. Our Certified Valet Attendees are continuously trained on the industries highest standards and certified by the government for Valet Services for events.

Security Attachment/Bouncers For Events

Security in one of the basic components for any event. World Events Management has always put the security of its clients, their guests and even our staff as a forefront factor while executing any event. This is also one of the reasons that World Events Management has been leading many of its colleagues in the events Industry. Our Bouncers and security personnel are trained on the highest standard of the security industry and ensure that they are always ready to provide security at event, in case of any unforeseen incident.

From crowd control at events to securing VIPs in any event, our bouncers have been trained to foresee, understand, and act according to the Security protocols under any adverse condition. World Events Management Company has been offering services of its trained bouncers & Security staff to our clients for any of their event’s needs. Please feel free to contact us and our customer care staff would be happy to assist you in any need regarding your events.

Chauffeurs For Events

So, your guests are about to land but at the eleventh hour, you had that one important thing to do, what to do now? we at World Events Management will take care of your VIP Guest for you with our Special Chauffeur service for Events, driving your guest in the Rolls Royce with style. Whether it’s a corporate Event, a Wedding Function, or any other event, to ensure that you are hassle free and enjoy, our dedicated team of chauffeurs will assist all your drivers’ need for receiving and dropping your guest to either hotels, accommodations, or event location.

We have luxury vehicles in our fleet with uniformed chauffeurs, who are available to assist you at any time. Our Chauffeurs are highly trained and licensed from the related government authority and are very comfortable with all the roads in UAE. So, if you have any upcoming need of Chauffeurs for Events, you are always welcome to avail this service. Our Customer Care would be more than happy to assist you with our services and packages.