Dubai, the shopping hub of the Middle East is famous for sparkling malls and high-end brands. As per Ministry of Economic, UAE’s hotel hosted 19 million visitors in 2021 only. Now add approx. 10 million population currently residing in UAE as per the With the $42.1 Billion dollar of GDP, we can easily say that UAE and especially Dubai, can be one of the best places for companies to promote and sell their products and services. So how World Events Management Company can can help you in this? Easy answer! Mall Activation Stands. As per business insider, Dubai alone currently has more than 65 malls accommodating thousands of different brands. According to the website of Dubai Mall, it alone attracts more than 100 million customers. Now if you calculate the number of visitors to each of the 65 malls, then what we get is a scary number and that scary number can be converted into a prospect customer if we help you with an innovative stand in the center location, creating brand awareness for your products.

Our motto for these Brand campaigns is simple. We look for both online and offline methods to ensure that your brand makes the statement, that you wanted it to, in your customer’s mind. Leaving the conventional marketing far in dust, we use many innovative and creative techniques like gathering the crowd and talking to them straight or creating games for the prospect customer with your product as theme and let them play and win or ensuring that your product is placed in a position at the malls or roads which is always in the eyes of your customer. Bring all these different ideas together we create an environment that the product being promoted is sketched on the consumer’s mind and when needed that is the first one he will reach out for.

Business Branding

World Events Management has successfully helped many companies promote their brands and is known to be THE BEST MALL ACTIVATION COMPANY IN DUBAI. Whether you are launching a new brand, trying to capture a new market, or trying to promote your existing store or brand, our in-house team of experts will help you create activities that can engage the mall visitors. From activities at the podium in the center of the mall to road shows and in-store activities, World Events Management has all the necessary skills to shout your brand from the rooftop.