We understand that each event has its own protocols especially Corporate and State hosted Events. During these Events, WORLD EVENTS MANAGEMENT provides its VIP HANDLING TEAM, which has been trained on all the SOPs catering to the needs of VIP and VVIPs. These services include but not limited to the following.

Receiving The VIPs

In case your VIPs are coming from abroad, our dedicated team ensures to receive them on the airport. We have been closely working with the Dubai Airport Marhaba Team, who help us directly pick your VIPs from Plane itself and walk them through the fast and special channel and bring them out in no time.

Musical Event

Escorting The VIPs

We have dedicated team of chauffeurs along with Security Team for Events who help escort the VIPs from airport to their destination which can be hotel or any other pre-arranged place. These Escorting team members have been specially trained in accordance with the State Visit Protocols and have enough experience to escort the VIPs safely. We have partnering Vendors with us who have previously helped us in providing different mode of transportations such as Luxury Cars, Helicopters, Yachts and Private Jets for VIP Travels.

VIP Accommodation

We work with different star hotels and their staff to ensure that we provide the perfect accommodation for VIPs. Starting from the presidential suits to normal suits, we can help VIPs get the best accommodation. In case needed, we can arrange a private residence for the VIPs for the duration of their stay. These will include all the amenities provided by hotels but with the much more privacy needed.

VIP Seating Arrangements

Though for us, all the guests constitute as VIPs but in case we have been pre briefed on any VIPs attendance during the Event, we keep that on priority. For this we ensure that the seating arrangements are made in a way to ensure their safety. In such a case, we ensure that the VIPs have easy access to entry and exit plus there is a separate seating table for VIPs on a specific distance from other guests. Their Dinning is usually on their tables regardless of buffet or other food arrangements. Specially trained wait staff is provided to wait on the VIPs and cater to their needs on immediate basis.

Organizing Special Events For VIPS

World Events Management can help you with organizing any special or private Events for the VIPs, including but not limited to Safari, parties with famous artists and others. We ensure that these specially organized parties are away from the prying eyes, and you get your full privacy. Security team is specially made to patrol the venue of these parties or events to keep VIPs safety on the highest priority.